Wednesday, November 08, 2006

this friday

for anyone in the vicinity of central st martins, i'll be giving a talk at 10.30 this friday morning (10th) at the cockhrane theatre in southampton row. i'll be the one mumbling into a mic down the front with a white light in my face.


Devir said...

Hello David. I'm Rui. Aka Devir. From Portugal. I met your sis. She told me about you and your power work. More than 2 months passed by and only today with an insomnia i went to check your site, blog, etc
I'm blasted! Your things and graphic universe really rock me out and it's incredible the way i identified my work with yours. I dont draw. I'm a photographer, illustrator, street artist and astronaut, but the result is incredibly similar. But you are mutch better!
Fanni told me about the plan of taking your ass to old Portugal for an exibition. I will be there! I will work to try to bring you too. Make contacts etc...
A curiosity. If you work for the Guardian in Shoreditch you can see a stencil graffitti in the café Kick shutter. It's a portuguese poet named Fernando Pessoa having a coffee and invite you to join him. Only can see it (in my blog and) early morning before lunch when is closed or after close. Pass by. The freak John Cleese face around is painted by me as well. Tell the guys in Kick (Exmouth market) that you know me, they will offer the best morito in londOn.
I'm looking forward to meet you here, or in londOn.

Very pleased to making this contact,
Take care,
Keep on Rocking!

P. said...

a mumbling tour to sweden, please.

Anonymous said...

be cool if you had recorded your talk and put it online..

maybe next time?