Thursday, February 14, 2008


it's been a while, i've moved house, settled into my new studio in north london, and am generally keeping my head down and getting on with my work. lots of new, very different shit coming soon. for anyone in the los angeles region, a new show called "fresh" has just opened at the brand new cerasoli gallery in culver city, i have some stuff in there and will be having a solo show there sometime later on this year, details soon.

some new editorial bits, a lot of random stuff from the studio wall, and a sneak preview at some new unfinished work in progress.



Exciting new stuff David, I'm digging the colors and contrasts in the 05 jpg a lot. Look forward to checking out the gallery show(s.)
All the best,

Anonymous said...

New paintings looking good.

LAM Hamilton said...

the studio stuff is sick

Kenn said...

Looks awesome!

nina roos said...


i'll be back

nina roos

_ said...

hi. your work really inspired me.

Unknown said...

How come you write in Romanian on some of your works? Do you speak Romanian?