Friday, August 15, 2008

muff heads

just finished these for a magazine, not sure if i got it in on time tho. too much work and no fun for the past 2 weeks, everything i've worked on has been very last minute and hectic. next week should hopefully be a lot calmer. more details on these when i know what's happening with them.


Anonymous said...


Louise Z Pomeroy said...
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Silencio said...

hi! I have a cool script about some characters just like your´s! i couldn't believe when i saw them.
Email me if you want to do some short animation with those ones
juan carlos donoso

blacklam said...

who doesn't like muffs?

...nobody doesn't!
..'cept the gays.

muffs and gays

Susi said...

Hahahaah cuntface ;)) fantastic

Peter Fong said...

hahahahah this is awesome. I'm really liking your blog!