Friday, June 26, 2009


new one for the observer, i like this one. out sunday.


vanja seferović said...


i have a question for u. im a bit in a problem not knowing where to start/continue.. i was into portraits, than some illustrations.. now im a bit bored and confused, just thinking not doing anything

i wanted to ask you do u do your drawings looking at photographs? do u find them on internet or..?
stupid question but id like to know

annd i would love it if u could tell me what u think about my work.. it would mean a lot
:) (i have more stuff here..)

thank u thank u

david foldvari said...

whilst i'm happy to give advice like this, remember that my opinion is just that - an opinion and nothing more. anything i tell you is based purely on my own experiences, and i'm no more of an expert than any other illustrator out there. there is no right and wrong way, and ultimately you need to find your own way through this stuff. having said that, solving these kind of issues is normally fairly simple and straightforward.

if you're bored with your work and confused about where to go with it, it's probably a good time to try something new. boredom usually comes from repetition and lack of direction.

1. repetition - if you keep drawing the same things, you will get bored. simple. stay away from photoshop for a while, try different materials, and draw things you find difficult to draw. the process is just as important as the final outcome.

2. lack of direction - stop looking at illustrations, go outside, take photos, talk to people, read books, think, make notes, collect stuff, find inspiration from whatever is around you. the process of reviewing these things gives you an insight into your own brain, and eventually provides you with your own voice. think about what your work says about who you are. in some way, you should be 'inside' every piece of work you do.

put these two things together, and the rest should follow.

vanja seferović said...

i know, but i would appreciate your opinion because i admire your work and think you will get the humor cuz what you do is not just plane trained hand working but every illustration has a background. im here to show you some amazing work, to prove your previous article wrong. let me know what you think about it.

my problem at the time is too much thinking. trying to combine "To kill a mockingbird" and "Planet terror" , Eliott Smith, Crystal Castles and Devendra Banhart, renaissance and childish drawings n dreams, love for the details and the power of expressive moves, illustrator or paper.. reality and surreal. i know im the only one who can tell what kind of mix do i want to get at the end, that no one can give me the formula for a good illustration and i am aware that it needs time to filtrate, that i need to start experimenting and finding the way (this sentence is getting long...) but i thought maybe a basic tip liiike Do you draw from a photograph u take or find it on the internet? and some concerning my drawings would make the starting point.

anyways ,thanx for the response

btw Picture book is the best illustration book i found in Serbia ;)

david foldvari said...

this blog isn't really the appropriate place for me to criticise or comment on yours or anyone else's work, so i'm sorry but i'm not going to do that here.

regarding the way i work, what photos i take etc - if you need to know about this, you're missing the whole point. as i said before, the way i work suits what i do, and is completely irrelevant to anyone else. but just to be clear - i don't really have one single method for finding reference, sometimes it's google, other times it's my camera, other times it's a flea market in budapest, reference can come from anywhere and is not just limited to photos. i try to surround myself with anything that's relevant to the project i'm working on - images, objects, text - generally, the more you know about your subject matter, the better chance you'll have be able to create decent work around it.

vanja seferović said...

... thats why i gave u my blogspot link.

i agree
thank u

Francesandbelle said...

hi i really like your work and was thinking about using this peice for an artist study in my a level art work and was wandering about what your influences are and just a little bit of infomation about you really
some feed back would be great
thanks naomi