Friday, June 27, 2008


a few photos from the last 2 weeks..

palm springs, a very strange place. i'm sat here right now. it's 50 degrees.

san francisco looking good

random rooftop

"nob hill"

thps4, anyone?

monterey beaches are amazing

more monterey

deer wonder the streets in monterey, they're everywhere.

insane person and friend, santa cruz

route 1, on fire.

los angeles rooftop action

driving through the desert

few more to come soon..

Saturday, June 14, 2008


i'm off to san francisco tomorrow, so no charlie brooker illustration from me for a couple of weeks. i'll try to get some photos uploaded while i'm there, should be good. the lab101 show opens tonight, if you're near there, get over there, i'll be in LA from the 20th so i'll go along to see how it's going around that time.
meanwhile, here's one for the observer, out tomorrow.

this one was in last monday's G2.

..and one of these is going in the guardian this monday, although it's unlikely the pepsi logo will make it past the lawyers.