Thursday, October 06, 2005

i open my mouth.

ok so today i got fed up with not talking, so i started talking to strangers. nothing weird, just asking for directions and asking about where to go drinking and stuff like that. simple as that may sound, this represents a small milestone for me.
it's actually very easy to talk to people here because there are parks, squares and cafes everywhere with loads of people sitting around, and so far, nobody has looked at me like i was a nutter, and everyone has been very nice and chatty, and curious about what i was up to. however, as a consequence of this, i have drunk about 14 gallons of coffee at a variety of cafe's, and i feel like jogging to toulouse which is about 200 miles from here.
so anyway i know haven't made any friends for life, but at least im making contact with other people, which helps a lot.

also, reality decided to come and check up on me today in the form of 2 phonecalls - the first reminding me of a deadline i have on friday (a piece of work i have completely forgotten to do) and the second reminding me that i have to buy the freehold of my flat - a task which is so incredibly tedious that despite of all the coffee i've drunk it still makes me want to fall asleep immediately. so now, i have set up a little work area in my hotel room and am about to get on with it. it doesn't bother me too much - the sun decided to hide away today and im going to toulouse tomorrow. im considering moving on from the french city thing very soon, and im starting to miss the sea, so im gonna head straight for the southern coast after that.
a few pics from today..

he only has one tooth, but it's a biggie
messy train, across the other side of the bridge amongst some weird warehouses
pain art is anal. make of that what you will.
not really too sure what this means, but i like the writing


david foldvari said...

yes as you know my knowledge of french is excellent.

david foldvari said...

cool, i like that.