Sunday, October 02, 2005

table for one?

ok, so this was day one of my trip into europe.

it dawned on me this evening that travelling alone is nice, except for the part where you have to go into a restaurant in the evening and sit down at a table by yourself. that part sucks.

tonight i'm staying in a town called trouville, somewhere on the coast of normandy, about 3 or 4 hours drive from calais. i think it would be all to easy to dismiss trouville as a crumbling shitty little resort that looks a bit like hastings, so i'm gonna do just that. mainly because it's raining and i'm really sleepy, but also because it really is a crap little town. having said that, if i had to choose between this and hastings, there would still be no contest. (but that's still not saying much, hastings is the worst place in the world - i drove through there this morning at around 8am, it was very ugly). strange then, that this place is packed full of tourists, despite of the pissing rain and howling wind. i had a walk around the whole town, and as far as i can tell, there are the following things here for entertainment:
1. a beach (kind of)
2. some restaurants, all of which serve mussels.
3. a huge empty casino.
4. one man in 'historic' costume with a donkey.
5. about fourteen thousand arcade machines.

luckily for me, i'm checking out of here and heading off further south tomorrow morning. i'm not sure where yet, but i think brittany and normandy are too close to england, so all of the seaside towns here will resemble hastings, and i would like to get away from that as soon as i can. i know i'm making it all sound a bit grim, and it is, but in a fun way. i like it.

anyway, here are some photos from today. i'm gonna post some drawings too, but probably not until tomorrow (i can't be bothered to get my scanner from the car and i still have to figure out where i'm going tomorrow).

1. double chin on the ferry!
2. calais looks like romania.
3. trouville arcades.
4. mustn't take photos whilst driving

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david foldvari said...

my farts are not funny after the artichokes i ate last night, trust me. its better this way.
about hastings - ok, here's a little quote from a site about hastings: when you've had your fill of "an array of chart and commercial dance tunes, the ever-popular Yates’s completes the round up of the Hastings nightlife." mmm, let's all go down to Yates wine lodge tonight. nuff said.