Tuesday, October 04, 2005

nantes again

i made 1 friend today:
numbers on bins look good
girl on the ferry, from the other day
houses. dont know. i'll use them in something in the future
3.15pm. i find a river.

ok so it's been a slow kind of day.. but i felt like having a quiet day.
bordeaux tomorrow.


darrell said...

thanks for the scary music reconmendations.
well it is just krazzzy in the studio. sooo many people popping in and out - a real buzz in here (or at least some kind of hum - that may be my pants though).
are you "pissing in a bottle while while driving in a car" yet?
like the pic of your new friend - I hope nothing inapropriate happened.(you may correct my spelling later).
well im going home now so speak to you soon

david foldvari said...

no wasps