Friday, October 07, 2005

nothing to lose

today i'm in toulouse - i think it's my favourite place so far. there's loads of stuff going on here. its full of cobbled streets with cafes and bookshops and clothes shops and loads of people wondering around, there's loads of young people everywhere, it's a perfect place to sit around in cafes and stare at people. everywhere stinks of weed, especially a record shop i went into where the guy told me he has "nothing but love for brighton". then he sold me some dub, and told me about some stuff thats going on tonight - although im not sure if im in the mood for a whole night of ragga, i'll see.
my guidebook says that all the "students and arty types" like to hang out in arnaud-bernard, but when i went there i only saw arabs selling hash and a man with no teeth shouting and coughing like a donkey. but it's much nicer around st-georges and just generally in the middle of town, i spent most of the day wondering around there.
also found out where to go tonight, apparently around place st.pierre is where everyone goes so im gonna have a nap at my totally shit hotel (looked better on the net) and go and see what thats all about.
meanwhile here are some slightly crap photos from today.
a town called "condom".
some general tourist photos, these are a bit shit but at least im trying:
sitting at a cafe and staring at people
4 complete bastards live here:
a shopping trolley full of pups:

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