Thursday, March 01, 2007

large update

no update again for a long time, this time it's because - despite being really busy - i haven't done much stuff worth shouting about. there's lots of new stuff around, most of it fairly unremarkable, but there's a few good things here and there.

finally got a copy of graphic10, been out for a little while now, still available at magma books (and apparently also at borders in capetown).

this one is a prototype for a book cover im working on for simon&schuster, more info on this later.

editorial thing for arena, should be out around april, don't watch the other illustrations in there tho. the art direction is going through some 'transformations'.

this one's a 3 page illustration for italian gq, this has been out for a little while now i think.

this was in the telegraph a couple of weeks ago, a thing about detective novels.

loads of new stuff on the way, i have around 3 or 4 shows coming up later on this year, again, more info on those when they're confirmed and when i know more.


Anonymous said...

really like the new work David.
hope you are well.
Kev Speck

Anonymous said...

I just picked up a copy of Graphic10 in a Borders Store in Hartford CT, USA. I was suprised to find your work there, so I bought it without hesitation. Love the work.


Anonymous said...

hey david...I'm probably one of the biggest lovers of your work...I'm an art buyer and I live in can I get a copy of graphic 10, I LOVE the work...I visit bigactive on the regular too but I'd love to have this issue. can you please let me know?
thanks a lot...leila

Sorana Buzinschi said...

I like your graphic work, wondered how come there’s Romanian text in it...?